Quake Red Alert is the only organization in the world to develop a fully reliable earthquake forecast algorithm system.


More than 98% precision on over 2000 events forecasted.


Our team was able to forecast every major earthquake since 2012.


The only method able to predict earthquakes with over 30 days.

The Method, Explained

Earthquake Migration Global Patterns

The study of earthquakes forecasting/prediction seemed to be a path without solution, bringing several attempts to find consistent predictions, such as the precursors of major events, which seemed to be just a regional solution without demonstrating a global effect correlation. Recently, our new methodology has been identified in earthquake forecast, crediting a new step for seismology.

We consider the earthquake migration patterns, pairs of events with similar magnitudes and time variation, considering only the main events without using the presence of aftershocks. After selecting the patterns, we established linear correlations between migration events based on observation of time, epicenter, depth and magnitude.


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